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uh in 2001 after 9/11 some kid asked me why my dad like flew a plane into the two towers and like my friend said, “leave her alone, she’s one of the good ones” and people would call me a terrorist up until like middle school in 2006 so no, you can’t wear a bindi what the fuck

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Adorable coworker:
Why didn't you tell me I was doing grunge wrong?
Me: What?
I heard you and [boss] talking about the 90s and how everybody who thinks they're grunge now is doing it all wrong and doesn't look like the people in the 90s looked and why didn't you tell me?
You're trying to look grunge?
[giant adorable Bambi eyes] You know all I listen to on Pandora is 90s alternative rock!
Okay, well, if you're trying to dress like we did in the 90s then you're definitely doing it wrong, so what you need to do first is over-powder your face in a color one shade too pale for you, then find a brown lipstick that washes you out, and then put at least three cups of gel in your hair, which is really the only thing that holds in all the butterfly clips.
The what?
Butterfly clips. You're better off not knowing. 90s-inspired is much more flattering than actual 90s, trust me. I do miss all the body glitter, though.

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oh shit theres a baby on board? fuck well i guess i wont rear end you like i normally would

the baby on board sign is to alert paramedics in the event of a crash that theres a baby that needs to be attended to first u absolute fucking walnut

absolute fucking walnut

Oh how I’ve missed this post.

Actually, the signs are intended simply to encourage safe driving. I mean, if they were really a sign for paramedics, people would take them down any time their infant wasn’t in the car, which they don’t. So if paramedics relied on those stupid fucking signs, they’d be digging under seats going, “Oh, shit, where’s the baby? The sign said there was a baby but we can’t find the baby! Where’s the fucking baby?” And the baby’s seventeen, now, and getting stoned at Coachella.

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song of the day - Hold On by Alabama Shakes

Fun fact: on occasion, some songs touch me so immediately and so strongly that I burst into tears when I hear them for the first time - this is one of them.  Maybe one day I’ll make a “Hellkat in Tears” mixtape.

Also, I didn’t notice until right now that Steve’s wearing an Earl Sweatshirt sweatshirt.

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Bad books on writing tell you to ‘WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW’, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery.
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